Consider a feature wall into your bathroom renovation plans

Feature walls, whilst popular in other areas of the home, aren’t something that we normally associate with bathrooms. However, a feature wall in a bathroom can often provide fantastic results, whilst in turn making the entire bathroom area much more dynamic and dramatic. Feature walls in the bathroom don’t have to be colours that don’t suit the set theme, either, as we will show you with two of our more recent bathroom renovations in Melbourne .

Bathroom Designs Melbourne

This bathroom renovation sought to make the most out of what was a tiny, awkward space. Part of this is the addition of contrast, of which is an example of the feature wall in the bathroom. The tiled section of the vanity area showcases a nice contrast of both colour and texture, making the entire section incredibly dynamic. This also emphasises the ever critical “wow” factor when walking into the bathroom.

Bathroom Designs Melbourne

This bathroom renovation also benefited from a host of high quality, yet relatively affordable materials. It’s a further testament to the notion that even the most luxurious bathroom renovations don’t always have to cost a fortune, and can infact be done within the scale of any sized budget.

Bathroom Designs Melbourne

You don’t have to use contrast to create a feature wall in a bathroom, sometimes the most subtle of touches can work. As evidenced in this bathroom renovation, the arrangement of the tiles to set apart the high gloss shine of the rest of the area works perfectly in grabbing the attention straight away. The quality of the tiles used has worked greatly in creating this attractive feature wall, whilst once again being a largely affordable bathroom renovation as a result.

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You can also see in this photo of the bathroom renovation that the same tile structure has been used to highlight the generous bathtub area. Not only does this effectively blend the white and tiled sections together, it also helps to bring the darker tiled floors into the visual appeal of the bathroom renovation.