Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

The Beauty a Feature Wall Can Bring to Your Bathroom

Every homeowner knows from reading interior design magazines, that feature walls can offer a highlight to your living spaces. But have you ever considered how the same idea could apply for your next bathroom renovation project? Well here’s a little secret if you’ve been following us online. When our clients come to ask us about bathroom remodelling ideas, we aren’t beyond sharing this little tip with them: feature walls can work just that same wonder for your bathrooms too!

Making the Most out Of Limited Space

Whether for an ensuite in an apartment or just for a downstairs bathroom, a feature wall in your bathroom will deliver immediately noticeable visual appeal. We don’t always notice a luxury of space available when it comes to bathrooms in an apartment or an ensuite. These spaces tend to be uniformly styled with the same tiles. Over time, this creates a very dull impression that can otherwise be addressed with a feature wall.

An Affordable and Novel Bathroom Renovation Idea

On the upside, a feature wall in your bathroom adds a focus to that area while creating a better perspective on available space in that area. Even with smaller bathrooms, you’ll immediately notice the difference with what a feature wall can do to amplify your perspective of being in such a space. The added plus to that: is that feature wall ideas can always be kept cost-effective while helping you to maximise the visual appeal of your bathroom interiors.

Creative Highlight for the Rest of Your Bathroom

All it takes is a good selection of tiles from our interior designers at Damco Kitchens. We’re always happy to consult with you to better understand your needs for a bathroom renovation idea. Taking into consideration the existing space in your bathroom, we’ll be able to recommend the right choice of tiles and style to create a world of change in rejuvenating your bathroom interior spaces.

Besides helping to ‘max out’ on any available space in your bathroom, a feature wall also offers contrast. Whether you’ve got custom bathroom trimmings you want to stand out more or a brand-new porcelain feature installed, such as a bathtub, imagine how these other details stand out all the more with a new bathroom feature wall.

Your Trusted Bathroom Renovation Experts

Damco Kitchens is the name to trust when it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovation ideas. We work with all sorts of properties and keep a trusted clientele of homeowners and property owners who depend on us for the best interior renovation ideas. Whether you need help with a new home build or are looking for a great idea to spruce up your interiors, our interior design team is always ready to support you. Don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation today on (03) 9855 2310.