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Comparing Kitchen Renovation Quotes? Don’t Get Caught Out!!!

Are you in the process of buying a custom made kitchen in Melbourne? Do you want one company to do the whole project for you, and organise all the trades?

If the answer is yes, then you should read this blog before making your decisions.

Every kitchen renovation company in Melbourne have their own unique way of doing quotations and designs. It is certainly a good practice to get few quotes before making any decisions and it could be very tricky to compare quotes for kitchen renovations and a lot of people fall into the trap of choosing the wrong company without carrying out proper comparison. A proper comparison does not have to be very detailed and intensified, but you simply need to ask the right questions.

Some of the things that should be considered while your do your comparisons are:

designer kitchen Melbourne


As we are talking about a custom made kitchen, every kitchen design will have its own price. Some of the things you should consider while comparing the designs for new kitchens are

  • Number of cabinets. The more number of cabinets a design has, higher the price.
  • Drawer Cabinets vs Door cabinets. The more number of drawer cabinets, higher the price as there is more hardware & materials being used and it takes longer to assemble a drawer cabinet.
  • Special feature like open shelving, wine racks, glass doors, lift up doors for overheads etc. all this feature add more to the cost then you think.

First thing to check for a like for like comparison, is that if the designs are exactly the same. It is very important that you see the design of the kitchen you are going to get, whether it be computerised or a hand drawn.  Below are some examples of kitchen design that we do at Damco Kitchens as part of your free 3D design Consultation.

designer kitchen Melbourne
designer kitchen Melbourne
designer kitchen Melbourne
designer kitchen Melbourne

Project Management for the Kitchen Renovation

There are a number of trades that you will always require to finish up the kitchen renovation. This trades are Plumber, Electrician, Plasterer, Carpenter, Painter, Kitchen Installer Etc. Trades is a significant cost towards your kitchen renovations cost, and on an average for a typical kitchen it could cost anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000. It is very important that you identify how much your trades are going to cost you exactly, and also get your kitchen company to write the inclusions in the quote before you make any decisions.

It is also important to know items and fixtures that are included in trades, and some of the kitchen renovation companies in Melbourne have been known to exclude few things from plumbing, electrical or plastering to make the price look cheap and win the job, but as soon as the project starts they will start to have variations to the contract price.


Most companies will advertise that they manage the whole project and organise all the required trades, however you have to pay all the trades people separately, and all that means is the kitchen company gets paid a commission from trades people, and you still have to organise the trades yourself, and in the event if anything goes wrong then you have to contact the trades yourself.

Always choose a company where you are only required to pay one company for everything, and all the costs are listed in one quote and invoice.

Modern Kitchens Melbourne


One of the simplest and the easiest thing to do is just check the title of things that are included. It sounds silly, but very often people forget to double check the inclusions and they might think one company is more expensive than the other, without realizing that the company with the higher price may have included things like

  • Glass Splash backs or
  • Demolition and removal of the old kitchen,
  • One or few of the trades like plastering or painting

However the cheaper companies might have not included some of the items and that’s why they are cheap.

Fixed Price vs Estimation

You can be very certain that if the company has not given you a fixed price for the whole job or even few of the items on the job then you will certainly get significant cost variations during the project.

A cheaper estimated price may be lucrative at the start, but you can be very assured that a fixed price is the way to go for things like kitchen renovations where there could be so many variances.


Insurance, Accreditation & Registration

Some of the minimum things to check are

  • Building registration – Compulsory for jobs over $5,000
  • Builders Warranty Insurance – Compulsory for jobs over $16,000
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Industry Association – (HIA, MBA, CMA or similar)



Last but not least. Quality is the single most reason why there is differences in prices between different companies. Some of the things you can do and ask to get and assurance that you are dealing with a Quality kitchen renovation company.

  • Visit their Showroom and check their website
  • Buy a Custom Made kitchen manufactured in Australia
  • Check their reviews online and ask for their testimonials
  • Check photos of their past work
  • Talk to their recent clients
  • Check if all the products they use to make your kitchen are quality. For example – Hardware, Carcass, doors etc.

We hope the above information was helpful and will assist you in comparing quotes for your upcoming kitchen renovation project in Melbourne.

At Damco Kitchens we are proud to say that we meet all the above requirements, rest assured you will be getting the best quality kitchen with an exceptional service at a very reasonable price. Please feel free to contact us on (03) 9544 0210 or visit our website at for any further assistance.