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Colour Trend of Kitchens in Melbourne

As a Kitchen Renovation company and after being in this industry for years now we continuously try to observe the colour trends thriving in market, and hence have decided to help everyone who is thinking to renovate their kitchen or bathroom. It is obvious that liking of colour depends on individual taste and may not be same as ours but it is impossible to take everyone likings in account. However guidelines of selecting kitchen colour are same for everyone. Here are few of them:

  • Kitchen Colour combinations depend on many factors and you should consider all of these before deciding your colours, as some combinations may look good in one’s kitchen and it may be a disaster in others kitchen. Some factors are house wall colour, Flooring (like timber or Tiles), natural lightening in the room, Kitchen layout, personal preference, life style (avoid white colours if cooking involves spices), Cultural restriction, Kitchen space, and Interior of house.
  • Colour in kitchen consists of different elements. You need chose your combination considering all these elements
  1. Kitchen Cabinet doors
  2. Kitchen Bench top
  3. Splash back
  4. Handle
  5. Appliances
  6. Kickboard (you can create a different effect by choosing a contrasting colour kickers)
  7. New Flooring
  8. Shadow lines (not a very common element)


  • And finally our study has concluded these colour combinations in trend now.

Timber floor, white cabinet doors, and neutral colour bench top (like white or gray) and featured splashback (bright colour or digitally printed) Please contact us at (03) 9544 0210 or log on to for more information about kitchens Melbourne.