Colourful Kitchen Design Planning

Colour Planning Your Kitchen to Match the Change of Seasons

Colours are what brings your interior aspirations to life. They mark the walls of your hallways and communicate your personal identity and preferences to any of the guests you invite into your premises. Why should colour themes not be as important a consideration to make, when it comes to planning for your next new home build or remodelling project? Colour themes themselves will present considerations of cost, and influence even the selection of what building materials you will end up using. However, remodelling your interiors with a colour theme that remains bold, yet timeless enough to withstand the changing of the seasons is often a task that plenty of our clients find difficulty managing on their own.

It’s understandable how many of our clients might find colour matching to be a daunting task. It’s one of the reasons why so many of them leave it up to our team of interior designers, when it comes to their need for material and colour selection as part of a remodelling project. Interestingly enough, the kitchen is the main area of any household that will see a pressing need for appropriate colour planning. For without a doubt, this is the one area that will be regarded as being the heart of every home. If you’ve been wondering how you might go about appropriately representing your kitchen in colours that radiate warmth, yet do not go out of place even during the colder months of a year, read on to see what we can recommend.

Consider How Your Kitchen Floors Complement the Rest of Your Home

Colour selection may seem like a very subjective task for an individual to consider. After all, how is one supposed to know whether others would find their taste in colour selection palatable, or not? One common recommendation that we have to make with most of our clients is for them to think about how their choice of tiling or flooring within their kitchens would match the colours of the rest of their home. This is especially useful to consider if you are an existing homeowner who is focused on just a kitchen remodelling project. If your kitchen spaces are somewhat adjacent to a feature wall in another area of your home, this could help you narrow down your colour planning and material selection even further.

Concentrate on Your Cabinets and Bench Areas

Our interior designers often believe that a room is visually segmented according to a handful of levels that the eyes naturally ‘rest’ upon. And among these include the level that your cabinets and benchtops will sit on. When you work with our team of builders and interior designers, we are often fond of recommending remodelling tasks that work to tie your overall colour theme together, through the use of matching cabinets and benchtops. Regardless, we would always be best able to provide you with a consultation on:

– Tiles and materials in trend,
– Cost effectiveness of your colour planning and material selection, and
– Any other areas of your kitchen that could present as an innovative area to remodel.

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