Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Choosing the Right Tile for your Bathroom Renovation

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms on a daily basis. It is one of the most used rooms in the home and after a while, it will need to be updated. One of the easiest and creative ways to transform your bathroom is to install new tiles.

New tiles will greatly enhance the look and feel of your bathroom or ensuite, and with so many colours, shapes and sizes available it can be a little overwhelming. With our help, Damco Kitchens will discuss the best tiles that will suit your bathroom.

The Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

A good rule of thumb to remember is that floor tiles can be used on the walls, but wall tiles should not be used on the floor. With our experience, we have listed the best tiles you can use for your next bathroom renovation that will enhance the visual appeal.


Stone tiles have long been a sign of elegance and wealth. Stone tiles are often made from marble, granite, limestone or slate, and because of the natural material, they complement any contrasting coloured tiles or paint. Perfect for both walls and floors, natural stone tiles will definitely add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.


Terrazzo tiles are making a comeback in a big way. Known as a composite tile, terrazzo tiles are a mix of marble, glass, granite, quartz and other various stones. Available in a number of sizes and colours, this unique tile is perfect for bathroom flooring and shower flooring.


A popular choice for bathroom flooring, porcelain tiles are one of the strongest tiles you can have in your bathroom. This is due to the fact porcelain is denser than ceramic and offers a greater water and stain resistance. As well as flooring, porcelain tiles are commonly fitted on shower walls because of the high-water resistance.


Looking for something different? Pebble or river rock tiles have become increasingly popular for homeowners that are looking to create a natural effect in their bathroom. Perfect as a feature wall or shower surface because of their decorative nature, pebble tiles are available in sheets and are easy to maintain.


Used as a decorative tile, they are never any bigger than 62mm x 62mm. Predominantly used as a border or feature tile, mosaic tiles will certainly change the look of your bathroom wall. Like pebble tiles, mosaic tiles are available in strips, and because they are held together with grout, keeping them clean is easy.

With our experience, the team here at Damco Kitchens will help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom. Our team will discuss the best solutions to meet your bathroom & kitchen renovation needs. To find out more, get in touch with us today by calling, (03) 9544 0210.