Kitchen Flooring

How to Pick the Right Flooring for Your New Kitchen

There are a hundred and one things to be considered when it comes to starting a renovation project for your new kitchen in Melbourne. When it comes to your kitchen remodelling, few things can be as important as material selection. And can there be a more important area of your kitchen to pick new materials for, than for your floors? They are, after all, the very ground you and your family will set foot on with each passing day. For creating warm and welcoming experiences within the heart of your home, it should be easy to see why picking the right material for your kitchen flooring will make all the difference! Our experts at Damco Kitchens are quite fond of recommending kitchen floor materials such as:

1. Cork,
2. Limestone,
3. Wood (Parquet etc), and
4. Vinyl, to name just some examples.

As much as there are details to consider for your next kitchen renovation in Melbourne, choosing the right material for your new kitchen floors can be a lengthy process. With the wealth of options available, it’s probably best that you consult with an expert kitchen renovation team to see which materials would best suit your kitchen layout. If you’ve already been considering your next kitchen renovation project and want to begin by getting new flooring installed, here’s a number of considerations that we will come in handy for you to think about.

What’s the Big Deal With Kitchen Flooring?

Shiny new appliances and trimmings aside, your kitchen flooring will most definitely be the most used aspect of your entire kitchen. While the importance of your kitchen flooring can easily be overlooked, it will, in fact, take up most of your considerations over time, as you deal with cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen as the days go on. If you ask us, it’s a pretty big deal and we always believe that one of the best ways to tackle a successful kitchen remodelling project, is to do it by starting from the ground up.

Idea 2: Pick a Feature Point in Your Kitchen

The idea here is simple. Much like how most living rooms present a feature wall, the same can be applied to just about any kitchen space. A feature implemented in your kitchen can include a backsplash area or a focal wall that features a bright choice of colour through paint or wallpaper. Our renovators and interior designers at Damco Kitchens are experts at making recommendations for kitchen backsplashes and will guide you through the entire range of options when it comes to selecting appropriate tiles. At the end of the day, we aim to help you create that lasting difference you’ve been looking for in your kitchen space.

Does it Blend with the Rest of Your Home?

Some people like thinking of it as a safe option, but the fact is it’s important to pick materials that help your kitchen blend with the rest of your home. When it comes to such a consideration, wooden flooring definitely plays a huge part. Wooden flooring is among some of the most popular choices for homeowners who want new kitchen flooring that is warm, yet durable for a high traffic area like your kitchen.

Is it Durable and Will it Require Lots of Maintenance?

Considering that it’s an area of your household that will see some of the highest amounts of foot traffic by your family members, it’s understandable to want to select material for kitchen flooring that is easy to clean and built to last. If these are among your top priorities, think about whether Vinyl or Ceramic tiling would suit your aesthetic preferences. These options are among some of the easiest to clean and definitely provide durability.

Let the Kitchen Experts Get Your Flooring Right

Of course, you may prefer material that focuses on providing a luxurious style, or others that consider cost-efficiency. Regardless of your priorities for kitchen flooring, DAMCO Kitchens are known as the Melbourne kitchen experts for a good reason. Whether you’d prefer limestone or even Cork for your kitchen flooring, our interior design experts are always ready to help you through the selection and installation of your brand-new kitchen floors. Just dial us up on (03) 9855 2310 today to see just what we can do to help.