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Check Out These Great New Vanity Styles!

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom renovation, is the vanity mirror and powder room section. The vanity section is the central hub of your bathroom, and can make or break the first impression that guests will take away with them. A poorly laid out vanity section can also prove problematic, and it is important to ensure an easy and accessible workflow is available at all times.

Vanity trends tend to change on a frequent basis, often without following any particular pop culture fad that other areas of the bathroom normally do. Below we’ve listed three of the biggest vanity trends of this year, all of which focus on a need to keep the space open, inviting, and easily accessible to all.

Wall Hung Mirrors

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Mirrors built over the medicine cabinet door have been popular for quite some time as a useful space saver, allowing you to store your bathroom particulars with ease. However, with added focus on being able to see yourself at all times, the last year has seen the return of framed vanities as a popular alternative. Wall hung mirrors can be as large as required, and can offer you the perfect powder room facility.

In-Built Cabinet Mirrors

For bathrooms that, due to size constraints, simply cannot accommodate a wall hung vanity, cabinet mirrors built into the physical wall space have proven to be an attractive and viable alternative. Providing the look of a wall hung mirror, in-built cabinets provide the essential storage space that small bathrooms require, whilst managing seamless transition from wall to mirror.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

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For those of us blessed with large wall space to play around with, a wall-to-wall mirror can provide your bathroom with a fresh, open appearance. These larger mirrors are also surprisingly cost-effective, with an increase in mirror manufacturers emerging onto the market helping to drive prices down. Wall-to-wall mirrors also have the advantage of making your bathroom seem larger than what it is, which can increase the value of your property.

Damco Kitchens are the number one provider of attractive bathroom renovations in Melbourne, and we are more than happy to advise you on which particular trend will benefit your bathroom design the most.