Can’t find that perfect kitchen benchtop? Read this immediately

As far as kitchen renovation ideas go, it is the benchtop that garners the most attention. Your kitchen benchtop is arguably the centrepiece of the entire area, whether it be in a conventional format, or separate from the rest of the kitchen on an island bench. A beautiful benchtop is a must for any kitchen renovation, but it also has to be durable under the stresses of general kitchen work.

Introducing DEKTON; a new type of kitchen surface that fits the bill for both. DEKTON is comprised of the same raw materials that you can find in other benchtops, but uses a unique process that mimics the formation of the stone over thousands of years. This makes the stone harder, tougher, and more durable than ever before.

Benchtops from DEKTON use all types of stones, from the most common to the most rare, and have even brought some materials back into popularity. You can now have a faux marble workspace that will be minus the brittleness that is associated with the stone, for example, yet retain all of its natural beauty and charm.

But it is their durability that makes it such a desirable product, and one that you should seriously consider for any kitchen renovation that you have in mind. On top of being resistant to chips and scratches, DEKTON benchtops are also completely resistant to heat or open flame, making them safe to use and touch at all times.

DEKTON also comes with a guarantee of no colour fading, another common problem that can occur to natural stone, and does not absorb any water. This makes choosing th range of benchtops one that will serve you for a long time to come, and one that will always look great, no matter how much you use the space.

Yet for all of these incredible benefits, DEKTON is surprisingly affordable, and can easily fit in under even the more modest of any budget for a kitchen renovation. The product is also suitable for both small and large scales of kitchen renovations, and with its wide range of colours and styles, chances are that there’s a worktop that will fit in perfectly with your preferred design.