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Building Material Tricks to Create Space in the Bathroom

Pay attention to the spaces you create within your bathroom. This is a piece of advice we are often fond of providing to our clients here at Damco Kitchens, and for good reason. Afterall, the bathroom and kitchen areas see some of the most foot traffic within a home, so it makes sense to do what you can to enhance its appeal. The truth is that living and bedroom areas can always be reconfigured, depending on changing lifestyle needs. But the bathroom will always ever be just that. If you are in the market to create the best possible space for your bathroom, consider how our team of interior designers is always ready to assist.

Our team of interior experts works tirelessly to help our clients bring their dream remodelling projects to life. Applying practical insight and experience to our projects, we are always able to deliver the best solutions to help maximise your everyday kitchen and bathroom areas. Plenty of our clients keep spaciousness in mind when it comes to recreating their bathroom areas. Luckily, our expertise in building material selection and remodelling allows us the best possible knowledge to benefit your next project.

We Can Help You Create a Theme with Tiles, Colour and Light

It’s the magic combination in our business, and the perspective we always keep first and foremost when helping our clients create spacious bathroom areas. A consultation with us will easily have our team of interior designers considering the right mix of light, colour and materials to bring out the best in your bathroom. We keep things light, and that means avoiding dark colours in material selection, as they tend to make a room appear smaller than it actually is. Among our choice materials to create light and bright interiors are:

– Lightly patterned tiles,
– Decorative tiles,
– Mirrors on opposite walls to reflect these patterned tiles, and
– An abundance of natural lighting.

Pastel colour schemes are just one way we can help our clients create a modern and light-filled theme that inevitably creates an appearance of spaciousness for their bathrooms.

Durable, Cleverly Installed Glass Can Help Reflect Spaciousness

Frosted and textured glass options are great for providing privacy within your bathroom areas – especially if you are remodelling an apartment bathroom that has an in-built toilet, and perhaps would prefer the option of a screen for privacy. However, clear glass around your shower areas is a preferred option if what you would rather opt for is a sleek and clean look within your bathroom areas. This is especially helpful if you have chosen textured or patterned tiles that offer a contrast to clear shower areas. Taking a preference to keep light-filled spaces into consideration, clear glass screens around your shower areas can also help to reflect light that ultimately brightens up your interiors in a priceless way.

Damco Kitchens Can Help You Make the Most Out of Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Whether you are dreaming of turning your bathroom into a private little oasis, or just wanting to set a relaxing atmosphere to wind down in at the end of your workday, it always helps to consult with experts in the business. Damco Kitchens has helped plenty of Melbourne homeowners recreate their living spaces in a variety of creative ways. Give us a call on 03 9855 2310 to see how we can help with your next bathroom remodelling project in 2021!