Kitchen Flooring Melbourne

Bring Out the Best of Your Kitchen with the Right Flooring

It’s easy to expect that your appliances and furniture would take centre stage, when planning for a new kitchen redesign or remodelling job. Even tile selection for your splashbacks would probably strike you as a highlight of working with our interior designers to create your brand-new kitchen space. However, it might surprise many of our clients to know how we would place a great amount of attention towards material selection for their kitchen flooring. This is an easily overlooked component of any kitchen, due to the fact that most people are looking to make an exciting and highly visible addition to their kitchen spaces, such as a new island bench.

However, working with our team at Damco Kitchens will soon have you realising the importance of material selection for your kitchen floors – especially when it comes to saving on any long-term costs required of upkeeping your kitchen spaces. When you consult with our team of interior stylists and builders, you’ll easily see how we think in terms of matching form and function, especially when the job is helping you to create the best possible kitchen space that you can both imagine and afford.

Thinking in Terms of Function and Aesthetics

It’s a fairly simple concept: most of your daily foot traffic within a home will occur within a kitchen or a bathroom area. This is an especially important consideration to be had when it comes to a family of occupants. Wouldn’t this naturally result in more attention paid towards the type of materials chosen for a kitchen floor? As a premier renovation specialist of kitchens, Damco Kitchens is always ready to put our best knowledge and experiences forward, in recommending the right materials for a lasting kitchen floor. Beyond lasting durability, we also recommend starting your kitchen remodelling from the ground-up. Careful consideration of what materials to be used for your kitchen floor will help you effortlessly choose other components to tie the rest of your kitchen together as a theme.

Material Selection is A Matter of Understanding Your Needs

Will you go with a natural or a modern theme? This is just one among the more common considerations we hear asked among our clients. Again, thinking ‘from the ground-up’ will help you set a congruent theme for the rest of your kitchen, as you build or remodel it. When it comes to selecting the right materials for your kitchen floors, we usually receive a number of preferences for:

– Engineered Hardwood,
– Travertine, and
– Vinyl flooring.

Depending on your aesthetic preferences, each of these choices will present a fair amount of durability, with some consideration towards being resistant to scuff marks produced from footwear, or regular foot traffic. Regardless of your specific needs, our team at Damco Kitchens will always be ready to provide recommendations that are considerate of long-term durability.

DAMCO Kitchens is the Name to Trust in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

We bring plenty of years’ experience and knowledge to task, when it comes to helping our clients bring their dream remodelling ideas to life. Adopting this ‘from the ground-up’ approach is just one of the reasons why we’ve been able to provide a reliable interior remodelling service that our clients have been happy to recommend. No matter the specifics of your next remodelling project, be sure to call us on 03 9855 2310 for an obligation-free consultation.