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Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

In our previous blog post, we covered a number of ways you could be spending your time in lockdown productively, by improving your kitchen or bathroom. This time, we take a closer look at a few reasons why it could be time for you to consider breathing new life into your kitchen spaces. As we like to express, the kitchen is often the heart of every home. That in mind, it’s plain to see how a simple kitchen upgrade from time to time can lift the spirits within any household. At Damco Kitchens, we always advise that our clients begin their interior renovations by keeping the functionality of their kitchen spaces in mind. Whether it’s to do with storage, new technology or ease of access, seeking to improve these functions will always guarantee a well-thought-out and fulfilling kitchen upgrade.

It’s no surprise that great interior design will always have its roots in functional upgrades. Considering that your kitchen is often so much more than just a space for cooking meals, it helps to keep a mindset of wanting to enhance this space within your home. What may start off as a new interior design project for your kitchen can well provide long-lasting benefits in the form of new inspiration to try out different recipes, and even more room in the kitchen to host tastings and family socials meals at home.

  • You Can Never Have Enough Storage

Have you ever noticed a tendency for your kitchen cupboards and drawers to become filled and messy with too many items? This isn’t so much as a hoarding problem, as it is a common tendency among homemakers to fill storage space with kitchen items, they consider useful. It happens almost naturally over time, but apart from spending time to clear out the clutter on occasion, it could serve your kitchen well to have clever new storage installed. Even cupboards and drawers get worn and old, so consider how new racks or open shelves can help you change it up a little to create a more efficient Kitchen space at home.

  • Smart Technology is For Kitchens Too

Forget about that new television or surround sound system. When was the last time you considered a clever new upgrade to your coffee maker or refrigerator? It’s time to live in the better part of 2020 if you’re thinking about installing a much-needed upgrade for your kitchen appliances. A smart appliance like a coffee maker or fridge with AI functionality sets you up for smart home applications down the road. One clever idea often begets another, and there’s no telling how your new smart appliance may prove integral to ‘clever-ising’ the rest of your home.

  • Layout is Everything

Apart from the study or home office, it’s difficult to argue how the kitchen proves to be among the most functional spaces to be found at home. There’s a lot of work that’s done in the kitchen, whether it be confined to preparing food or cleaning up after a big prep. Whether your idea to spruce up your kitchen focuses more on installing new storage or on getting smarter with your appliances, you should always keep the ‘flow’ of your kitchen spaces in mind. Where do you prepare your meals, and how do you transition from this space to your cooking areas? Asking questions like these could very well inspire you to come up with a brave and creative new way to enhance your kitchen experiences for years to come.

See Your Next Kitchen Project as an Upgrade to Your Home

It isn’t just about sprucing up your kitchen spaces, and we surely believe that the benefits will last for plenty of years to come. At Damco Kitchens, our contemporary designers believe that the smartest upgrades to a home will often begin in the kitchen. If you’ve been inspired to create that next improvement within the heart of your home, get in touch with our team today by calling (03) 9855 2310