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Brass is back! An old-fashioned approach to a modern renovation

The retro revolution for kitchen and bathroom renovations, has seen attention focused on perhaps the most important part of any kitchen and bathroom – the humble tap. With more and more kitchen and bathroom renovations in Melbourne, fine tuning each and every detail of the respective rooms, customised faucets and taps have seen an increase in popularity. A particularly favoured option is a traditional material, brass.

Brass taps were once very popular, and were a common sight throughout many households both here in Melbourne and across the country. With the evolution of the modern approach to design, which favoured neutral colours and simple shapes over different tones and elegant lines, brass taps were pushed to the side in favour of other materials, such as stainless steel. Brass taps, however, are popular once again, and below we’ve listed three reasons why you should consider brass faucets for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Brass fits in anywhere

Brass has been a popular colour for centuries amongst many different cultures and civilisations, purely for its particularly high complementary aspect. Even in a room dedicated to neutral colours or black and white, brass will fit in and look attractive anywhere. Brass particularly goes well with wood furnishings, often adding to the warm, wooden tones already present in the room.

Brass Fits
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Brass is now easy to maintain

Brass was once maligned for being particularly hard to maintain, losing its lustre if not regularly cleaned, and turning black if cleaning was far too frequent. With such a small margin for error, it’s no wonder why stainless steel came into popularity! In the modern era, however, brass now comes with a lacquered treatment, meaning less cleaning and the disappearance of an oxidation process, which led to the blackened colour.

Perfectly suiting unique shapes

Brass, due to its instantly noticeable and distinctive colour, can be found adorning some of the most elaborate designs in the world, from furniture to architecture and many more. With brass faucets, even the most articulate style of tap will look great in a brass colour, as brass tends to emphasise lines, contour and shape much more effectively than stainless steel. As a result, brass taps come in a wide range of different shapes and styles, each of which look fantastic.

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