Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations in Apartments or Smaller Units

Taking up a bathroom renovation and wanting to create a stylish bathroom? We understand that renovating a bathroom in apartments is challenging, especially when you have smaller space. With above 500 projects completed, Damco Kitchens have fully supportive ideas and aspects to consider while opting for bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Don’t worry! We know ways to create an elegant look with limited space and bet our ideas will make your bathroom appear considerably large.

First of all, we recommend streamlining fittings such as vanities, showers, baths, taps, and other significant accessories which occupy enough space. Let’s help you with some ideas to make yours one of the best designer bathrooms in Melbourne.

  1. Tiles
    Choosing floor to ceiling natural tones or light coloured tiling gives an ultimate touch of elegance and extended space. Besides, picking up glossy tiles can help reflect the lighting and achieve a bright and open feeling.
  2. Baths
    An appropriate hack for smaller spaces is to get freestanding baths rather than falling for in-built ones. Also, keeping the shower and bath in the same room can help achieve a seamless look.
  3. Vanity
    A floating vanity offers a fair share of storage space to store your essentials. Moreover, choosing cabinets that easily blend into the walls can help you achieve depth.
  4. Natural Light
    We recommend avoiding undervaluing the power of natural lights as they make your bathroom look more spacious. And, for places where inviting natural light through windows is not possible, try placing recessed LED strip lighting to get proper lighting.

Know What Matters for Bathroom Renovations in an Apartment

– Room Size

– Type of Renovation Needed (major, minor, or cosmetic)

– Materials, Finishes, and Installations

– Electrical and Plumbing Work Assessment If Required

Above all, being considerate about some factors before renovating your bathroom is essential.

Aspects To Consider While Planning A Bathroom Renovation

Even if each bathroom renovation project is different depending on the characteristics of the space and the owner’s preference, some key factors remain crucial to consider.


We highly recommend planning costs for each item, from start to finish, including labour and materials. Now, you can prioritise your wishes over wants to keep the budget in check.

Unexpected Issues

However you spend enough time in planning, there are times when unexpected problems like hidden leaks and mould may turn up. Hence, keep your budget flexible to accommodate unplanned expenses.


The duration of renovations depends on the level of experience the team possesses and can directly affect your budget. Thus, it is always better to prefer the award-winning renovation consultants from Damco Kitchens.

Registered Builders

Get protection and peace of mind with registered builders at Damco Kitchens and admire no risks of spending a handsome amount on your bathroom renovation.

Damco Kitchens Will Complete Your Bathroom Renovation To The Highest Standards

Are you planning to get started with your bathroom renovation project? Our professional team members at Damco Kitchens can assist you in achieving your goals. With more than 70,000 hours of work under our belt, while installing state-of-the-art custom bathrooms in Melbourne, we drive your bathroom renovation process efficiently without compromising on quality. Give us a call on (03) 9544 0210 to speak with our friendly team and organise a complimentary consultation.