Bathroom Remodeling Melbourne

Bathroom Remodelling for Light-Filled and Spacious Interiors

Functional considerations aside, it is easy to overlook how important the bathroom is for starting and bringing a close to your day. A well-remodelled bathroom offers a sanctuary for those in your household, and in some ways, an easily accessible relief from your day’s stresses and life’s troubles. If a bathroom remodelling project is on the cards for you, we strongly recommend that you speak to our interior design team at Damco Kitchens. We can definitely help if you have a renovation idea that involves:

– A window installation,
– A need for natural sky lighting,
– Or a change to your spotlights.

We are among the foremost experts in Melbourne when it comes to helping homeowners and architects create the most enticing kitchen spaces and the most pristine bathrooms. Among our top considerations will include maximising the amount of light that your bathroom gets. If you’re curious as to why this takes precedence, read on for our take on why a light-filled bathroom simply sets the tone for everything else that you would consider as great design.

A Poorly lit Bathroom Simply Sets the Wrong Vibe

It could sound elementary to you, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget the importance of good lighting when it comes to remodelling their bathrooms. Trust us when we tell you that you will immediately be able to recognise a poorly lit bathroom. Poor lighting in a bathroom creates the total opposite of what we strive for, when remodelling a bathroom to create a pristine environment. Poorly lit bathrooms bring connotations of a damp and dark environment, which is definitely not a sight you would want to end your day with.

Always Prioritise Natural Lighting First

Budget is a top consideration to make with any remodelling project. However, the best lighting your bathroom can receive is from a natural light source. Consider incorporating a skylight or a window into your bathroom if you can afford the space and cost. The reason why natural lighting is invaluable to the ambience of your bathroom, is largely due to the true-to-life reflection you can get from mirrors in naturally lit bathrooms. Wouldn’t you want to know that you’re looking your absolute best after a shower?

Complement or Supplement with Artificial Lighting

Of course, artificial lighting will have to do the job when the sun sets for the day. To provide a good plan for our customers’ bathroom remodelling ideas, our interior designers at Damco Kitchens always recommend a layered approach for artificial bathroom lighting. Dimmer switches are a popular feature in bathrooms when ambient lighting is appreciated. This is especially relevant if you are the type to enjoy a bath in your tub from time to time. Spotlighting is another popular option as it helps to highlight the feature areas of your bathroom, such as your vanity or shower areas.

Damco Kitchens is Always Ready with the Best Remodelling Ideas

It simply makes the most sense to work with an expert bathroom remodeler if you’ve had it in mind to redo your bathroom. The great news is, our interior design team at Damco Kitchens brings a wealth of experience and product knowledge to every project we take on. If you’re thinking of getting your bathroom remodelled, consider the benefits of working with our team to find a comprehensive solution for your next renovation. Call Damco Kitchens for an obligation-free discussion on (03) 9855 2310 today.