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To Bath or Not To Bath? The Debate About Shower-Over-Baths

Damco Kitchens has helped hundreds of households with their renovation ideas, and our collection of magnificent bathroom renovations in Melbourne speaks for itself. Over the course of the journey, we’ve been constantly asked about one thing: shower-over-bath or no bath at all?

Many people hold the misconception that a shower and bath combination will devalue their property when it comes to reselling. Whilst this has an element of truth to it – buyers still prefer the two to be separate – having no bath at all is even more damaging to the overall value of your property, especially with young families.

Below we’ve listed a few reasons why shower-over-baths are a good alternative to only having a shower, and have included a few useful ideas on how to make them as attractive as their separated counterparts.

Great for Small Homes

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A particular problem with older homes is the inevitable space constraints. Older bathrooms were designed without the need to be a feature of the home as they are now, and as a result, were very small with little space for free movement.

An attractive shower-over-bath is a great idea to incorporate both of these essential items, whilst keeping free space at a premium. Due to the smaller size of the older bathroom area, a shower-over-bath can also be designed to act as a feature section. By turning your shower-over-bath into a centrepiece of the bathroom, you can both increase the beauty of the interior and also raise your land value.

Ideal for Spa Systems

A common grievance of the shower-and-bath section is that the walls of the tub make it difficult for those with limited mobility, especially those with arthritis or other similar problems. To counteract this, and still have a shower and bath combination, many bathroom designers have sought to build a cavity into the floor. This makes the tub section now a step-in, rather than a step-up, making it easier to enter the area.

This cavity idea is fantastic, as it effectively sets the groundwork for you to make a shower-over-spa. By fitting in a water jet tub, you can enjoy the comforts of a spa resort in your own bathroom, whilst still retaining the versatility of it also being used for a shower when needed.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Perfect for Italian Shower Heads

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Italian shower heads have burst onto the market in the last few years, as their low pressure and constant water flow is highly relaxing and cleanses more thoroughly. One drawback, however, is that because they are larger than the conventional shower heads, they are harder to conceal. Meaning that, up until now, you’ve had to compensate interior design for comfort, with a great big shower head sticking out of the wall.

By using a standard bathtub and fitting an Italian shower head into the physical ceiling space, you can easily accommodate for this magnificent shower innovation. Best of all, the incorporation of the head into the ceiling removes unsightly pipes and fixtures, and creates a distinctive feature area for your bathroom.

Damco Kitchens are experts for your future bathroom renovation plans, and we can help you determine whether a shower-over-bath, or a separate shower and bath, is ideal for your bathroom. Click here to see our great collection of unique bathroom renovation ideas, and start planning your dream bathroom interior and layout. Call us on (03) 9544 0210 for a free consultation today!

What are your thoughts on the shower-over-bath or no bath at all debate? Let us know in the comments below!