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Back to the future on kitchen appliances – Colours are back!

Close followers of our blog would have recently noticed us discussing in great length, the rise in popularity of older features of kitchens and bathrooms. This is no coincidence, as many households seek to incorporate both traditional and iconic aspects of key eras of the 20th century. One particular trend that we think is fantastic, is the emerging flashback to the golden fifties, with coloured appliances quickly catching up to the more conservative silver coloured ones that we have become accustomed to.

With more and more people realising the awesome potential that a renovated kitchen can provide to the look and feel of their home, different styles have begun to emerge. It has only been in the last couple of years where either new kitchens or renovated ones, have been seemingly drawn down the line – either becoming ultra modern or ultra retro. This retro aspect began to explore more traditional features and materials of older kitchens, of which it was only a matter of time before coloured appliances came back into prominence.

Coloured appliances, apart from providing you with the power to freely decorate your kitchen in the colours that you please (as opposed to grayscale tones), can dramatically change the mood of any interior design. Choosing either a uniform colour for your appliances, or a wide variety of different colours, has the ability to set the atmosphere that you want. Appliances that come in a vast range of shades can also alter the overall feel of your kitchen.

This is a key area in an era where new kitchen designs in Melbourne, in particular, are being built to provide the home with an important feature area. The careful selection of your coloured appliances, in conjunction with the overall layout and colour use in your new design or kitchen renovation, can help create the feature area that you want. Bright colours for a bubbly atmosphere, or subdued, pastel tones for a more muted, relaxing approach? It’s solely your choice, and one that has been well received by many.

At Damco Kitchens, we can provide you with the tools and know-how to bring your ideal kitchen design to life. We are the premier provider of beautiful and boutique kitchens in Melbourne, and have won numerous awards, leading us to be renowned in the industry. See the difference in your free consultation with us today, by calling us on (03) 9544 0210.

What do you think about coloured appliances? Happy to see them return, or do you still prefer the contemporary style?