Add a touch of style with designer tiles

In our last article, we discussed at length on how a feature wall can create a truly stunning bathroom space. We’re going to explore the idea further, but with consideration to something that is really fun and exciting; murals and designer tiles.

Many areas of the home benefit from such a mural, or even printed artwork, overlaid onto a designated wall of the room. It creates an attractive backdrop, a talking point for guests and special occasions, as well as generally increasing the atmosphere and vibe of the room itself. These murals can either be quite large or even the most smallest of details, and both iterations will add to the bathroom space in spades.

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You may remember this bathroom from our article on neutral colours. As you can see, it has a beautiful mural adorning the back wall where the bathtub is located. Gritty and artistic, it largely ties in the whole room together, and adds a great deal of dynamism to the whole area.

Its placement above the bathtub gives the area more importance, and makes it the very first focal point as you walk into the room. For those who are looking to get that huge “wow” factor out of their bathroom renovation, this is definitely one of the more striking ways of achieving that.

This mural is an example of designer tiles, and can be anything from a hand sketch such as this, to more detailed artforms. Not all tile outlets offer examples such as these, and they can often be quite hard to find on your own, especially if you are still making up your mind on what particular style you want.

If you’re keen on having such a mural become a part of your bathroom renovation plans, or are simply wanting to know more about the idea, you can call one of our talented designers today. They’ll be able to guide you through the entire design process, as well as making sure that all of your bathroom renovation dreams become a reality.