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8 Smart Ways to Make the Most of Your Ensuite Bathroom

There’s much more to bathrooms than just being functional. They are beautiful spaces where you relax and rejuvenate. It’s easy to think about elements and features to incorporate in your bathroom when you have plenty of space, but what if you have an ensuite bathroom? It’s time to get creative with your closets, storage and accessories. Follow our tips to make the most out of your ensuite bathroom.

Opt for a floating vanity – A wall-mounted vanity fits the bathroom perfectly where space is an issue. It not only makes way for more storage but also appears visually lighter than the traditional floor-mounted vanity. A patterned backsplash can add to the openness of your bathroom.

Trick the eye with single flooring – Make your space appear bigger by carrying the same floor of the bathroom into the shower. With no hindrance to the eye, it gives an illusion of a wider and larger room.

Be vigilant with patterns – If you have fallen in love with an intricate pattern, don’t be afraid to go for it! Do be careful with selecting other surfaces of your bathroom. If you go for bold flooring or tiles, keep the walls simple. Similarly, if you choose patterned wallpaper, keep the floor design simple.

Minimalistic fixtures are the key – Sleek and minimal fixtures take up less wall and floor space in your bathroom. Contemporary bathroom designs have wall-mounted and floating vanity. This gives an unobstructed floor space that is easier to clean.

An all-white set-up can be your Go-to – Large white tiles and fittings tend to visually optimise the small space by reflecting light all around. You can add a wall picture or a patterned floor to establish focal points and draw attention from the narrowness of the space.

Let the light shine – Adequate lighting is the upmost necessity in any bathroom. It is where you get ready and look after yourself. This is even more so in a smaller bathroom, where proper lighting selection is key. A well-lit bathroom will make your space look bigger, brighter and inviting.

Use clear materials – Choose a clear glass shower partition instead of frosted glass or a shower curtain. This will give a clear view to your eye and make the bathroom feel more spacious. To take it one step further, choose a zero-threshold shower. Without an edge to step over, the bathroom floor looks bigger and uninterrupted.

Integrated Shower and Bathtub – In such bathrooms, the showers are directly located over the tub. This makes for two separate areas, shower and bathroom and saves up a lot of precious space.

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