bathroom renovation

7 simple tips that make any bathroom look bigger

A bathroom is a unique place in your property. While a bedroom can be changed into a study, a garage into a storage room, a decked up lounge into a simple big hall by moving away the furniture but bathroom has a unique setup.

It has a very specific purpose and has to accommodate the sink and faucet, shower or bathing area and the toilet. While none of the facilities can be moved out, making use of these simple tricks, you can certainly make any bathroom look bigger and beautiful at not much extra cost.

1.Use light shades.

bathroom renovation

Dark colours make a room look smaller. The simplest tip to make any area, especially washroom look visually bigger is to use light shades of colors. White, pearl grey and light shades of aqua, pink and yellow are the most popular as they create an optical illusion and provide depth to the same small area.

2. Keep the same colour for walls and ceiling.

bathroom renovation

By doing so you are facilitating the eye to move from floors to walls and walls to ceiling in a fused transition and not allowing the pattern to break. The easy eye movement gives a spacious look to your bathroom.

3. Blend tiles with the wall colour.

bathroom renovation

Installing tiles in a shower is almost an age old practice. It helps the wet walls drip dry easily and is also convenient to clean. Ensure that the colour of the tiles blend with the wall colours. Again using the same colour tone for the tiles and the wall makes it look bigger. Just ensure that the shades you choose are not on the darker side.

4. Tile the shower and its ceiling.

bathroom renovation

Take the tiles in your shower all the way up to the end of the wall and also onto its ceiling. Walls in the same colour as the tile will be better. A tile in the contrasting colour will chop off the room.

5. Use clear glass in the shower.

bathroom renovation

While textured glass gives some privacy, clear glass around the showers tactfully accommodate it and give them a neat and sleek look. Also, when wiped dry, the shower and the walls shines like new.

6. Mirror the walls.

bathroom renovation

Strategic use of mirrors on the wall in your tiny bath has the capacity to increase the virtual zone multifold without moving a wall. Also place lights over the mirror as it not only serves the purpose of lighting up the wall but the reflected light brightens up the surrounding areas as well.

7. Incorporate natural light.

bathroom renovation

There is no better way of saving on your electricity bills other than by bringing in the natural light in as many ways as possible. Doing so brings a feeling of freshness and sanitation in the room and also cuts down on the times the power is switched on during the day.

Bonus tip: Create place on the wall for toiletries. A very handy idea, this is a cost saver too. All you need is plan it before the construction work actually starts.