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7 do’s and don’ts for renovating your bathroom.

If you are a young home buyer looking to affordably own your home, a seasoned property investor or a landlord, you well know that an impressive renovation can push up property prices, boost your investment or get you long term leases.

And there are simple do’s and don’ts to get it right the first time. Read on and adopt to increase your home value.

1. Plan work prior to it starting.

A thorough research and understanding of what you are after from the renovation work is the first step. Bathrooms are private nooks of households and have a very specific purpose. Also, most fixtures are fixed in a place and cannot be moved around unlike the sofas in your lounge room or lamps and beds in the bedroom. Having a clear goal on the final looks and researching on the cost to achieving it, will help your renovation work move faster.

2. Work out the needed storage space.

By doing so you can have everything you need at arm’s distance yet have a clean counter top. You will be amazed how this process will help you discover that there is actually more space in the slim spaces and tight corners than you think.

3. A tinge of luxury adds a wow factor.

Having function and reliability in the bathroom products is commonplace but adding a tinge of luxury around things like electric towel rail, free standing bath, elegant lights or a small chandelier goes a long way both for owners and renovators.

4. Be ready for the inconvenience.

Any renovation work is messy and bathrooms are so integral to kickstart the day. A bathroom renovation can surely hurt you while it’s on. Have a plan and alternate arrangements and be patient.

5. Set a budget and be prepared to shoot it (a bit).

No matter how precise your planning and market research is around setting a bathroom renovation budget, having a few thousand spare for those ‘just in case’ circumstances, helps fight stress.

6. Go for neutral themes.

If you are working on a tight budget, it is safest to go with neutral shades for walls, tiles and bathroom accessories. Affordability and easy availability is a boon for any repair work down the line. This increases the home value too especially for leasing.

7. Hire professionals.

Last but not the least, bring together your efforts and preparedness by hiring professionals who are trained and experts in handling your work. The DIY skills should be kept at bay in this one time job to avoid guess work, errors and costly rectifications.