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6 Tips For Improving Your Kitchen Lighting

That last thing that is considered during a kitchen renovation is lighting, as other things such as layout and appliances usually take priority. However, kitchens aren’t just for cooking, they’re the place where your family and friends gather and connect in the house, therefore good lighting is key. Having a kitchen that is properly lit will boost functionality, design and overall atmosphere of the space. To get you thinking about implementing smarter lighting into your kitchen, our kitchen renovation experts at DAMCO have complied 6 simple design tips that can enhance your kitchen lighting:

  • Have a Bold Centrepiece
    If you want to install a decorative focal point in your kitchen, your centre lighting can make an excellent feature piece. Whether it’s a classic chandelier or something reflective of your personal style, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your kitchen lighting centrepiece. Choose something that will make a statement and that will sufficiently provide light to the essential focal point areas in your kitchen.
  • Go for Layers
    As there is no such thing as a single light fixture that can provide all the necessary lighting for the kitchen, try adding layers instead. Try using the main overhead light with layers of smaller lights placed in areas for various tasks, for example near the food preparation area, over the stove and above the kitchen sink. This lighting will illuminate workspaces and allow you to navigate the kitchen easily and give you adequate lighting to safely prepare food.
  • Use Light Dimmers
    When choosing your kitchen lighting, it can be tough deciding whether you want to focus on ambience or functionality. Luckily light dimmers allow you to have both. Adding light dimmer switches in the kitchen can give you complete control over the use and feel of the area. You can have a bright illuminating light to assist you through food preparation tasks and then dull them down for a calming vibe after the meal.
  • Mix & Match lighting
    Creating warmth and ambience is crucial for the kitchen area, as it’s a communal space in almost every household. You can easily create a calming and welcoming atmosphere by combining a variety of lighting that can be controlled independently. Using the combined effect will make your open space glow, and give you the opportunity to consider what lighting depth and fabric shades would best suit your home.
  • Incorporate natural light sources
    When deciding to remodel your kitchen, you should include a natural ambient light source, such as a skylight or one or more windows that can lend extra warmth and fill in any gaps. Look for vacant spots where you can install a window, this can include a small window set in the middle of a backsplash, tall or narrow windows in the gaps on the wall between upper cabinets, short and wide windows that can be located along the top wall or even adding pane of glass to a door. Including natural light sources in your kitchen will reduce the amount of artificial light and create a more open and welcoming space.
  • Consider Your Kitchen Space
    Placement of lighting greatly depends on your kitchen’s size, layout and overall look. For example, if you have a large kitchen with taller ceilings and darker finishes then it calls for more lighting, which can include ceiling lights and hanging pendants. If your kitchen area is smaller, then you can use flush mount fixtures as they are directly mounted to the ceiling and you can also install lights under cupboards and inside drawers. Examine the area of your kitchen before choosing which lighting sources to install and then pick a lighting fixture that will suit the size, layout and design of your kitchen.

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