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6 Innovative Cabinet Trends To Revamp Your Kitchen Renovation In Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s most stylish and contemporary cities. This means even kitchen renovations in Melbourne are more than just simple do-ups. But you don’t have to change everything in your kitchen to spruce it up. Adding a fresh look to your place can be as simple as changing the colour scheme, bringing new appliances or updating your kitchen cabinets.

Just because your kitchen cabinets provide a lot of functionality in your space doesn’t mean they can’t also be decorated to revamp your kitchen. From colour options to new features, check out these current kitchen cabinet trends and how they can revitalise your kitchen:

1. Dual Tone Colours

White has always been a popular colour choice for kitchen cabinets. And while it’s still prominent in interior design, a lot more kitchens are starting mix and match white with other colours to create a dual-tone effect. Try out white upper cabinets with blue or grey lower cabinets for an alluring juxtapose in your kitchen.

2. Rustic Appeal

More and more spaces are now adopting a rustic, wholesome atmosphere, including the cabinets. Instead of opting for clean-cut designs and colours, it’s becoming more fashionable for kitchen cabinets to have a flair of wear and tear.

3. Material Combinations

Much like monochromatic colour schemes, same-material cabinets are becoming less trendy. Mix up wooden doors with metallic accents of gold or silver. Or glass upper cabinets with wooden lower cabinets. From aluminium, high-gloss and polyethene, material combinations will add a modern touch to your kitchen.

4. Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen lighting doesn’t have to be ceiling or wall placements. Under the upper cabinets is a great spot to bring extra lighting to your kitchen. Cabinet lighting is a sleek way to make your kitchen feel more futuristic.

5. No Upper Cabinets

Classic homes include both upper and lower kitchen cabinets. However, a lot of homes are now removing upper cabinets altogether. Instead, they fix the walls with shelves or leave them as is. Without upper cabinets the kitchen is less bulky, making it appear larger and less cluttered.

6. Multi-Purpose Cabinets

Everything right now is multi-purpose; from kitchen appliances to kitchen islands. Versatile cabinets are also becoming more prevalent. Cabinets can now have multiple storage options like pullout trays and bread boxes. And appliances such as fridges ovens and dishwashers are even concealed using with cabinet doors. Having cabinets do more than just hold kitchenware makes for a seamlessly compact and functional kitchen.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, get in touch with Damco’s Kitchen Renovations for Melbourne. Our kitchen cabinet experts will be able to help you match your kitchen with the best cabinets. Call us now to fit your kitchen with perfect cabinets today.