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6 Affordable Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

Second to the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, which why we often see people put off these renovations for years, even though the showers, taps or the overall bathroom style is outdated. However, there are a lot of easy and affordable ways that you can update and change your space into something that feels a little bit more luxe. This can include upgrading small details such as your storage, mirror or showerhead- which can easily elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. To help you with ideas, our bathroom renovation experts at DAMCO have put together a list of six easy ways to make your bathroom look more luxurious without breaking the bank.

  • Dress Up Your Walls
    If your space needs some sprucing up then changing your wallpaper or tiles in the bathroom is a good option! While this option isn’t as cheap as buying a new bathroom accessory, the payoff is worth it- and it’s an easy way to add an element of luxury. You can choose to have elegant tiles installed, wallpaper fitted or even have artwork added to the walls for one extra design element.
  • Modernise your lighting
    The lighting is one of the most important design features in a bathroom and is often overlooked. This may be due to some lighting features being expensive, and people often think they need to go over budget to achieve a luxury look. In saying that, there are some amazing lighting options available that don’t cost a ton of money, such as overhead lighting, floor lamps and sconces.
  • Upgrade Your Taps and Showerheads
    A simple and easy addition you could make to your bathroom is installing new showerheads and bathroom taps, as it can bring a designer-esque feeling to the room. For a simple upgrade consider fitting circular showerheads along with gold or silver taps for the bath and basin. Or if you want something that screams more luxury, then investing in elegant faucets with unique designs can also achieve that.
  • Add A Place To Sit:
    A stool, armchair or ottoman is the perfect way to add that luxe feeling to your bathroom. Not only does it add an expensive feel to the room, but it can also create a well-balanced scene by adding depth and dimension against your tiles and wallpaper. It can also make getting ready for events more fun.
  • Have Adequate Storage:
    Getting rid of clutter in the bathroom can neaten your space and give it a cleaner, more expensive look. However, it’s important to consider how you’re going to re-home that clutter. For your toothbrushes, toothpaste and tweezers you can choose a spacious cabinet, and for soap- you can store it in a stylish dish rather than the original packaging. With other bathroom essentials such as towels and robes, you can install hooks for your bathrobe, and a rack to hang your bath towels on. These simple additions can make a drastic impact on the look of the room and can make it into a more relaxing space.
  • Hang a Mirror: Many people resort to the standard medicine cabinet mirrors to save time and money. But don’t settle for a contractor-grade mirror, instead why not choose a mirror with a little more personality? By choosing a mirror that is functional and stylish, you will be able to show off your style and transform your space into something more luxurious. Additionally, this option is fairly inexpensive and can significantly improve the look of your bathroom.

Renovating and remodelling your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive, and you have countless combinations of styles to choose from. Once you have an idea on the upgrades you want to make, and the style you want to achieve, then get in touch with our expert team. DAMCO kitchens is a leading bathroom renovation in Melbourne that can help transform your bathroom into the luxury space you always desired. To get in touch with our experienced renovators, call (03) 9855 2310 or send us an email on