5 Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen For Entertaining

The silly season is here, and it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family. When hosting a party, your kitchen is the busiest place in your home. Whether you’re serving up more appetisers, getting cocktails ready, or cleaning up after accidental spills, everything is centered around your kitchen.

If you usually host parties for your group or want to open up your kitchen for entertainment purposes here are 5 ways to re-do your space for social events:

1. Open floor design

Entertaining for an intimate group of friends to entire family reunions all require plenty of space. Small, closed off kitchens not only distances you from your guests but will make preparing large meals difficult.

2. Stand-alone kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a must-have for party hosts. A standalone kitchen island is versatile and has multiple entertainment uses. Your center island is the perfect place to display all your appetisers, be an extra workspace, or give guests a place to sit.

3. Accessible shelving

Constantly opening and closing cabinet doors can be a pain when you’re trying to keep the party going. Display all your necessities with open shelving. Being able to access dishware, ingredients, and gadgets easily make hosting a breeze.

4. Luxe lighting

Functionality isn’t the only important aspect of kitchens for hosting. Your space also needs to look like an entertainment hub. Contemporary lighting options such as oversized pendants, a sparkling chandelier or built-in lighting under cabinets can spruce up the interior design of your entertainment kitchen.

5. Clean-friendly surfaces

Cleaning up after a big party is one of the downfalls of being a great host. One way to make the party aftermath easier is by incorporating clean-friendly surfaces into your kitchen. Surfaces like stainless steel, stone countertops and ceramic tiles are easy to clean and look sleek.

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