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5 Innovative Ways To Revitalise Your Kitchen Design

With smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart cars on the rise, isn’t it time your kitchen also got an upgrade? Melbourne is always pushing the boundaries in interior design, including the very space you cook your meals.

If you’re looking for innovative design ideas for kitchens in Melbourne, here are 5 ways you can modernise your cooking space:

1. Consider alternative storage

There are plenty more ways to put your kitchenware away than just the drawers and cupboards. Assess your current kitchen space and see where else you can store and display your items. From grid racks, open shelves to corner storage, re-arranging how you store your kitchenware can be just the change your space needs to be more sleek and efficient.

2. Take advantage of the latest tech

Did you know that there are smart coffee makers that memorise your ideal cup? Or fridges that has AI functionality, recording your recipes, shopping list and an interactive screen that also acts as an entertainment hub? The future of kitchen appliances is full of efficient wonders that will improve how you use your kitchen so you can put more focus on enjoying meals with your family and friends.

3. Streamline everything

Having a contemporary kitchen design isn’t just about having the latest appliances. The latest kitchen designs aren’t only encouraging smart appliances but smart layouts too. There’s plenty of ways to streamline your kitchen layout for maximum efficiency and style. From maintaining a minimalist colour palette, using the same materials for the bench tops and cupboards as well as using splashback to keep your walls clean and shiny, having a polished kitchen will push your space into the modern age.

4. Have a layout that suits your cooking style

Transforming your kitchen can be as simple as re-assessing your cooking habits. Whether you’ve noticed that you’re feeling a bit cramped and need more bench space or not using the kitchen island enough, say goodbye to wasted space and have the perfect kitchen layout that suits your needs.

5. Incorporate multifunctionality

Single-use areas, appliances and storage can only do so much at a time. If you want a more resourceful cooking space, ensure all major areas are multifunctional. For example, you can have your kitchen island include storage, a dining setting as well as plenty of room to prepare meals. Or light up more than just the roof and incorporate lights beneath cabinets and in drawers to give you more ways to brighten up your kitchen. Eliminate wasted space with multi-purpose facets in your cooking area.

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