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5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Cooking Haven Without Breaking the Bank

We have all been guilty of it. How many times have you seen a beautiful kitchen remodel on a home improvement show or a picture on Pinterest, and absolutely hated everything about your current kitchen?
From stepping-up your hardware game and revamping your tiles to investing in statement light fittings and objects, here are some ways to make your kitchen look Pinterest worthy – without spending a fortune.

    1. Elevate the Glam Quotient Instantly by Decluttering Your Counter – Messy and littered counters can pull down a kitchen, giving an impression of confusion and disorder. A smart way to instantly make your kitchen look glamorous is by clearing the counter and re-settling your appliances, utensils and other space-consuming items. Consider this as the first step to a luxury kitchen. Nothing spells elegance and class like spic and span kitchens.


    1. Install Statement Light Fixtures – A statement pendant light or a chandelier can add loads of charm and character to an outdated kitchen, giving it an upscale, lounge-like vibe. While a worthwhile design will have you paying out more money, you can consider this as a one-time investment with a sure-shot guarantee of returns (and compliments too!) in the long run.


    1. Revamp Your Backsplash – A designer backsplash makeover for your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to come at a designer price. You can simply consider coating your existing tiles with a variety of mosaic stickers and give your kitchen a classy, bohemian makeover. Stickers are a good idea if you want to keep an option of changing them in the future because all you have to do is simply peel them off.


    1. Add Fresh Paint – A fresh new coat of paint can do wonders. Painting your walls with crisp and elegant paint colours will make your kitchen feel lighter, brighter and camouflage chipped and damaged cabinets. For a trendy double-tone look, paint your islands and bottom cabinets with a contrasting colour from your upper cabinets.


    1. Replace your Hardware – Replacing your old drawer pulls and cabinet knobs with new ones will subtly rejuvenate the style of your kitchen without a major investment. With so many shapes, styles and colours to choose from, the only difficulty you might face is about choosing the style that will go with your space.


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