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5 Bathroom Vanity Trends You Will See Everywhere!

We are now settled into 2019 and you may be thinking that its time to rejuvenate that bathroom! Gorgeous marbles, statement wallpapers and fixtures shouldn’t be just limited to bedrooms and living rooms; wouldn’t you want your areas of solitude and relaxation to be just as elegantly and beautifully designed? Vanities are the heart of a bathroom – they store your daily essentials and products while looking chic and attractive. To help you jump-start your bathroom renovation, here are the main vanity fashions we are seeing everywhere.

1. Floating Vanities
– It’s about time we make way for floating vanities. Not only are they trendy and hip, but they’re also great for storage. They are a designer’s favourite bathroom trend because of its open and spacious feel and with so many beautiful options to choose from, they can brighten up any dull-looking bathroom. And the best part? They are super easy to clean too and this cannot be IGNORED!

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne
Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

2. White Vanities
– Whether it’s 2019 or 2039, white vanities are timeless. They’re not only flexible and adaptive, but they pretty much go with every bathroom colour and texture you can imagine. Whether you are looking for contemporary vanities or rustic ones, if you are looking for something on trend for long-term, white vanities are the thing for you.

3. Wooden Vanities
– Wood vanities can perk up a bathroom which once was dark and dull. If you want to create a farmhouse feel, go for a vanity which has a light shade of wood and exposed grain lines. You can also choose white oak vanities that can add warmth to any space, and this is almost every client’s need today. Wooden vanities are totally in because the soft texture of wood appeals more to the human touch than other materials. They are also quite versatile and can be used in many modern designs as well as traditional.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne
Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

4. Marble Topped Vanities
– Marble is blooming in today’s market and it’s happening for all the good reasons. Not only does marble look absolutely amazing, but it can also be easily cleaned and maintained. Yes, it might cost a little more than laminates but when you see them installed, none can beat its quality. To make it even better, you can customise marble countertops with built-in cabinetry. These days there are also lots of marble look stone materials that can be used and more cost effective.

5. Double Sink Vanities
– If you want your bathroom to scream luxury and elegance, double sink vanities are the thing for you. There’s nothing more exciting than entering a bathroom and being welcomed with two sinks. Whether your bathroom needs to be used by two people or you just want to show it off, doubling your sinks is a sure-fire way to achieve an amazing bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne