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4 Ways To Use Natural Materials In The Bathroom

Create a sense of calm and bring warmth into your bathroom by using natural materials like natural stone and hardwoods. Whether it’s a wooden wall or a stone flooring, these natural materials will ground your space and work with many different aesthetic styles. Damco Kitchens have helped many create their dream bathroom and we’re ready to offer advice for the best features for your space. Let’s look into a few ways to incorporate the natural into your bathroom.


Stone is a durable and aesthetically pleasing natural element that can be used in many different places and forms within your bathroom. Use stone to add texture to your walls, on the floor for a unique underfoot feeling, as countertops, basins, tubs, or as decorative pieces – the options are endless! Use stone to create shelving or a bench to create something truly unique. If your shower is a separate structure to your bath, why not create a stone frame? This will frame your shower as a separate section in your bathroom as if it were brought in from a different place and will contrast interestingly with the rest of your bathroom.

Stone steps are eye catching and can fit in with both contemporary or rustic bathrooms.

Consider using stone in combination with wood to create a warm, welcoming, and charming look.


Incorporate more outdoor elements by bringing wood into your bathroom. There’s a wide variety of materials like oak, hickory, and birch that can create natural looking bathroom cabinets or vanity units. If you really want to stand out, go bold by opting for a simple yet elegant wooden bathtub. Wood is a fantastic and easy way to add in warmth and charm to a bathroom that is otherwise monochromatic with white tiling, walls, and features.

Let In Light

The simplest way to bring in the natural in your bathroom is through windows. The bigger the window, the larger your view of the outside world. This is especially great if your bathroom overlooks trees, a private backyard, or water. Wider windows let in more fresh air and breezes, which brings an outdoor feel along with the natural light which will flood your room during daylight hours. If you’re concerned about privacy but still want to bring in the light opt for a window treatment that will give you the privacy you need while still letting light in, such as frosted glass or sheer curtains.

Decorate With Natural Elements

Whether you want to complete a total bathroom renovation or update your space with small improvements, there’s a few things you can do to bring in natural elements in small ways. Such as decorate with loose stones in a bowl or vase, add plants, choose earth stones like browns, blues, and greens for your towels, bring in shells and sand, or use rattan and wicker baskets.

There’s many different ways to incorporate natural materials into your bathroom design. But don’t feel like you have to stick to just one either! Mix and match! Use both wood and stone if you like. Natural textures complement each other and easily co-exist in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Damco Kitchens Can Incorporate Natural Materials In Your Bathroom Renovation

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