4 Trendy Design Tips For Small Ensuite Bathrooms

pace it’s hard to imagine that your ensuite would fit all your essentials. Between the shower and/or bath, toilet, and a basin, it can seem impossible to even consider trying to fit anything else.

However, making things compact doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Functionality and style can work together. If you want to make the most out of your ensuite bathroom space check out these stylish and helpful design tips:

1. Versatility is key

Limited space is a lot easier to handle when everything in your bathroom serves at least a dual purpose. Make sure everything in your bathroom is versatile by having multiple functions.

From over-shower baths, adding lighting to shelving as well as wall fixtures, there’s plenty of ways to add more functionality in your ensuite. You can also have mirrored cabinets, wall mounted towel rails and use your window railings as extra shelving.

Versatility adds a minimalist aesthetic to your ensuite as well as saving you on space and money for extra furnishing.

2. Create the illusion of space

Being efficient with storage solutions and decorations is a great way to bring more space in your ensuite. But you can also trick the eye into thinking there’s more room in your bathroom. There are many ways to make it look like your bathroom appear bigger.

From matching the wall and floor tiles, mirrored walls and white colour schemes, decorating can also be functional and aesthetically appealing.

3. Make use of every corner

Not every ensuite comes in a symmetrical shape. Awkward layouts, corners and roofs can seem like a design challenge. Especially when every inch of your ensuite is valuable. Instead of restricting your bathroom to sections where it’s ‘easy’ to decorate why not turn a confined area into a feature wall or extra storage space?

Small corners can fit cabinets, basins and even bathtubs. And you can use a statement wallpaper, or wall fixtures to add character to your bathroom by using an awkward spot as a decorative feature.

4. Leave the door behind

Think outside of the box by considering an open-plan bedroom. Doors can be restricting and with the tiny room of your ensuite. They can get in the way of areas that could be used for more storage or furniture. A widened, empty doorway gives you more space, easy access to your bathroom and adds a modern flair to your bedroom.

If you still want to consider having a door but like the appeal of an open area consider having a sliding cavity door. Sliding doors create the illusion of more space, without compromising on the privacy a door provides to a room.

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