Hampton Style Kitchen Design

4 Simple Ways To Incorporate A Hampton Style Kitchen Design

Hampton style kitchens are an effortlessly classy space that finds the perfect way to balance sophistication and comfort. The style is based on the iconic Long Island location in the US. Its rise to popularity is due to New York socialite’s constant retreats to the beautiful beachside that influenced designers when they returned home.

The beachside retreat elements became so prominent in interior design that it is now a staple for inspiration in contemporary kitchens for Melbourne homes.

If you want to have a Hampton worthy kitchen in your home, here are 4 key elements to incorporate into your interior design:

1. Natural textures

From the cabinet doors and drawers to the benchtops, a major feature in any Hampton-inspired design is utilising natural materials. Invest in high-quality white stone or marble benchtops, splashbacks and ceramic tiles to maintain the traditional look that the down to earth style is renowned for.

2. Soft colour palette

Since a major influencer in the Hampton interior style is it’s getaway vibe from a busy modern life, keeping the colours of your kitchen light and breezy is important. This can be achieved by maintaining a consistent white, cream or similar soft tones throughout the area. If you want to add a bit of contrast in your kitchen you can also juxtapose white with neutral shades of grey and navy.

3. Open plan layout

Apart from colour and material choices, another way to make your kitchen feel more like a beachside retreat is rearranging the layout. Declutter your area and have an open plan kitchen with plenty of room to move.

4. Oversized lighting

Lighting plays a big role in creating a cosy Hampton style kitchen. Large pendant lights that also act as a fashion statement are common within this interior approach. A dominant lighting feature looks great when placed in a kitchen with high ceilings. And for those who have limited ceiling space having a unique center lighting pendant can be enough to act as a homage to the original hallmark of Hampton style kitchens.

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