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4 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

The kitchen is a place of inspiration and creativity as well as being one of the most utilized areas of a home. It’s where you bond with family and friends, prep food for guests, cook and clean. So, the design of your kitchen requires a lot of thought, especially the lighting. Sure, darker coloured kitchen designs are smooth and modern, but they can also come across as unwelcoming and make preparing food difficult if there is inadequate lighting. There’s no need to worry as there are plenty of ways you can illuminate your kitchen and balance dark finishes.

From lighting fixtures, accessories and accents colours we are going to show you how to brighten up your dark kitchen. Our kitchen renovation experts at DAMCO Kitchens have been brightening up dark kitchens for years and want to help you with your design! From lighting fixtures to accessories, accent colours and more, here are some ways you can brighten up your dark kitchen.

  • Invite In More Natural Light
    One of the easiest ways to light up your dark kitchen is allowing natural light to flood in. To do this, look around your kitchen first and take note of how many things are blocking natural light. This could be containers on windowsills, high cupboards or other kitchen items. Once you identify this, remove the items and re-design the area to allow for that natural light.
  • Create Contrast with Accent Colours
    Having a block-coloured kitchen can strip your kitchen of any character and depth. Plus, if it’s a dark colour then your kitchen will definitely feel unwelcoming to guests and family. So, it’s important not to shy away from colours when it comes to your kitchen bench, cabinets or appliances. Adding a burst of vibrant shade like turquoise, pink or orange can ignite a new life to your darkened space. Creating a contrast like this will balance out your look and bring out all the colour tones. If you don’t want the vibrant contrast colour, try adding an element of texture with natural timber accents or even white to break the block colour.
  • Use Pendant Lighting
    Brighten your kitchen design by bringing fixtures down off the ceiling with pendant lights. Ceiling pendant lights will add light to dark kitchens and highlight your working spaces. Bringing the light closer to your workplace is a practical way to make your space more comfortable and inviting. Along with this, pendant lighting serves as a focal point at the same time and makes food prepping extremely easy.
  • Display Colourful Accessories
    Add a final touch of brightness to your kitchen with some brightly coloured accessories. Brightly coloured accessories will accentuate your kitchen, give it character and make it more welcoming for guests. To do this, display a group of brightly coloured plates in an open cabinet or add bright paintings to a display wall. Whichever way you decide to add your accessories, ensure that it ties into your colour scheme. Otherwise, you could be left with some colourful accessories that look out of place.

Kitchens should be an inviting place that brings warmth to your home, so it’s important to remember these tips. Having a brightened space will make you feel inspired to try new recipes and want guests around. A darkened kitchen with no light can make your space appear smaller and uninviting. So, if you are struggling to bring brightness to your kitchen then it’s time to get in contact with our team!
Here at DAMCO Kitchens, we have been helping residents all over Melbourne with their kitchen renovations. We can help you design your kitchen in a way that suits your style and brings light to your life. Get in contact with our team today on (03) 9855 2310 and let’s start working towards your dream kitchen. Alternatively, you can email us on