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4 Kitchen Renovation Tips Every Melbourne Home Owner Should Know

Melbourne is one of the most stylish cities in the world. From fashion, homewares to renovations, everyone has a great eye for design. However, particularly in home renovations, it’s best to balance cutting-edge interior designs with functionality and comfort.

Whether you’ve hired a professional for your kitchen renovations in Melbourne or performing a DIY job, here are 4 essential ways to transform any space into a stylish and practical kitchen:

1. Design to incorporate your cooking habits

Every kitchen is unique. For some, the kitchen is a social space, where everyone intermingles and makes their meals and drinks together. Whereas, for others, it’s a straightforward, functional space. Either way, the way you design the layout and decorate your kitchen has to reflect how you use the space.

By knowing your cooking habits, you’ll be able to figure out which design features matter most to you. Understanding exactly what to include in your ideal kitchen ensures you won’t be wasting money or time including features you won’t be using anyway.

2. Make safety a priority

Any area of a home can be hazardous. But the kitchen is definitely one of the more dangerous areas in the home. Practising safety in the area is crucial. From proper ventilation, smoke alarms to having plenty of room to move around, it’s all in the way you design the layout of your kitchen.

Some other kitchen layout guidelines for safety precautions include keeping electricity switches at bay from water sources, having rounded corner for your tabletops and using slip-resistant mats or non-slip tiles.

3. Have ergonomic cooking stations

Ergonomic features are usually associated with monotonous tasks like sitting and working behind a desk. But ergonomics is also essential in the kitchen. With the hours you spend slaving away at a family meal or preparing your lunches for the week ahead, ensuring your cooking areas are comfortable will help you feel more at ease.

You shouldn’t have to strain yourself constantly to get accessories, reach for appliances or plating up meals. Including items such as pull-out drawers, having a customised counter height and even pull down shelves, can all help minimise any physical restraints in the kitchen for easier and safer cooking.

4. Have efficient storage space

Kitchen clutter is unavoidable. Whether you’re cooking a meal for one or 20, it’s always a chore having to put away everything away in the end. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or have a family household with growing kids and pets, having proper storage in the kitchen helps keeps all your utensils, appliances, dishes and the likes in order.

If you like to keep things hidden in cupboards and drawers or prefer an open storage plan with easy access to all your crockery, there are plenty of ways to help keep your kitchen clutter free with the right storage solutions.

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