4 Inspiring and Timeless Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom

Rooms such as the living room and bedroom are often the areas that showcase striking interior design. But your bathroom also needs to match the aesthetic of your home. Decorating a modern bathroom is all about creating a clean and comfortable space within the private space.

Whether you’re in the middle of your bathroom renovation in Melbourne, or looking for professional bathroom designers in the area, it can be hard deciding how to approach a bathroom interior alone. As trends often come and go, finding a look that will stick beyond the in-season can be tough. Here are 4 ways you can bring style and comfort to your bathroom that will look great year-round:

1. Stick to geometric shapes

Minimalism is key in every modern bathroom design. Having a clear, succinct space that’s neatly presented makes it easier to maintain a clutter-free look. From utilising geometric shapes and patterns in the tiles or wall designs, to the shape of the basin, shower or bath tub, a bathroom with clean lines will always feel effortlessly cosy.

2. Use different textures, not colours to create contrast

There’s always room for juxta-position in bathroom interior design. However, if you want to keep the contrast stylish for years to come, keep the contrasting elements with the materials in your space rather than the colour palette. Showcase tiles with pebbles, concrete or wooden items. Introducing an additional material in your space is a subtle way of adding depth to the bathroom that’s both simple and sophisticated.

3. Create a focal point with wall art

You can still have a focal point in your bathroom without it breaking the calming atmosphere you’re trying to recreate. Instead of having an entire wall decorated to the brim, use a portrait or hanging wall art as a way to centralise the room. Choose a framed art piece that features the colour palette of the rest of your space to help tie the room together.

4. Breathe new life into the room with plants

Plants are a great way to revitalise your bathroom. Apart from bringing in a refreshing and natural tone in your interior space, indoor plants also have a variety of health benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to purifying and improving the air quality in your bathroom, plants will not only help make your bathroom look relaxing, but it will feel relaxing too.

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