Inspirational Kitchen Interiors

Changing Up the Kitchen: Simple Ideas, Lasting Effects

At Damco Kitchens, we pride ourselves in helping plenty of our customers bring their renovation ideas to life – especially when it comes to their kitchen spaces. Among our team, we believe you should never underestimate the effect that your kitchen can have on your daily life. It’s more than just where meals are prepared and consumed. It’s the setting that sees your days beginning and ending, day in and out. Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time, and this applies just as much to how your kitchen space can impact your day to day experiences.

When we help our clients with their kitchen renovation projects, we always consider four things in mind. We always encourage our clients to consider that a bit of change can go an exceptionally long way, especially when working with a professional interior design and renovation team such as ours to tackle a variety of kitchen makeovers. Here are some basic elements we like to keep in mind:
1. Colour palette
2. Focal or feature points
3. Storage
4. Ceiling space

Idea 1: Transform the Colour Palette within Your Kitchen

We believe there’s always a primary theme present in any kitchen and work closely with our clients to identify how this theme can easily be updated to revitalise the look of their kitchen. Whether it’s an earthy tone or wood trimmings that complement a natural feature like a kitchen bench, we can help to transform your kitchen with a new theme or colour palette that breathes new life into your home environment. Our interior design team at Damco Kitchens is always glad to help our customers identify any existing opportunities to improve their kitchen’s colour palette, and this can be as simple to do as developing a focus on bright colours like sunshine yellow to contrast with other natural elements like wood and stone surfaces.

Idea 2: Pick a Feature Point in Your Kitchen

The idea here is simple. Much like how most living rooms present a feature wall, the same can be applied to just about any kitchen space. A feature implemented in your kitchen can include a backsplash area or a focal wall that features a bright choice of colour through paint or wallpaper. Our renovators and interior designers at Damco Kitchens are experts at making recommendations for kitchen backsplashes and will guide you through the entire range of options when it comes to selecting appropriate tiles. At the end of the day, we aim to help you create that lasting difference you’ve been looking for in your kitchen space.

Idea 3: Storage for A More Organised Experience and Cleaner Spaces

Ample space is a luxury in most family kitchen environments, especially when you consider how crowded your countertops can become after just a regular week around the home. It’s the reason why our interior experts always advocate keeping spaces clear and tidy, whenever we recommend that our clients put a priority on keeping ample storage solutions. When you work with us on a kitchen renovation project, you’ll find that our team of interior designers aren’t shy of recommending new cabinets and storage drawers as a way to help you preserve space in various areas of your kitchen. Trust us when we say that the minimalist look is not just for aesthetic purposes. Effective use of storage solutions helps hide away more of the usual unsightliness in a messy kitchen, to create pleasant and refreshing daily experiences over the long-term.

Idea 4: Utilising the Fifth Wall

Those of us in the interior design business often look to the ceiling to find seldom-considered solutions for our clients’ kitchen upgrades. While you may not pay much attention to your ceiling spaces in the kitchen, there’s simply no mistaking the effect that a well-placed skylight or a fresh coat of bright paint could do to lift the mood within the heart of your home. All ideas are worth exploring to our team, and we are always happy to help our clients create that lasting change they seek around the kitchen, with an effective renovation project guided by our interior design expertise.

Healthy and Happy Homes Begin with Inviting Kitchen Spaces

At Damco Kitchens, we understand the lasting and positive effect that changes around your home spaces can make for your household. As specialists in kitchen renovations in Melbourne, we’re more than happy to provide an obligation-free consultation to explore the ideas you have for your property. Just give our team a call to discuss what you have in mind at (03) 9855 2310 today.