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3 Thoughts on Colour Selection in Bathrooms

Colours can truly bring out the best within your interior spaces, and you certainly don’t need us to tell you why! However, it most definitely helps to talk about colour themes and matching, when working with our interior designers to select the most appropriate building materials for your next remodelling project. When it comes to the bathroom, plenty of our clients will opt to design brightly lit spaces that feature as much natural light as possible. This is primarily due to the way bathrooms are built to obscure their users from view – understandably, what takes place here is a trade-off between having a bit of privacy, versus allowing for as much natural light as can be allowed.

However, our expert bathroom remodelers are known for helping our clients find a way or two around such a trade-off, and colour selection of your building materials and fittings is just one of the many ways for us to work around this issue. Identifying colour trends is usually about finding the right inspiration, and that can simply come from any source of influence. Be it to do with your existing environment, or external influences such as where your house is situated, there are plenty of ways our interior designers can help you find just the right muse to get your bathroom colour selection just right.

Work with Existing Characteristics

If it’s a remodelling project that you are currently focused on, then it helps to consider any existing features of your home that may provide a sensible colour theme to complement your newly remodelled bathroom. How will the colour selection of your new tiles or porcelain fittings suit the existing ceiling or floors of your home? Is there a hint of timber or wood panel that you can work with, to bring out a more natural vibe through your remodelling project?

Identify Themes that Present Through Fittings and Trimmings

Have you already picked out what your new fittings and furnishings would look like? Perhaps you might feel inspired to go with art deco frames that line your new set of cupboards and cabinets. If you’ve already committed within that department, it might help for you to look at how your tile selection can amalgamate with these other features in your bathroom, to create a more congruent overall theme. Our interior stylists would always be happy to help you mix and match.

Is it A Focal Feature that Your Bathroom Needs?

If natural lighting isn’t the issue, then perhaps your bathroom could do with a focal point, in the form of a feature wall of decorative influence. Be it through the use of additional fittings, or otherwise, our team of interior designers is always more than happy to recommend decorative tile options that you can use for a feature wall space. Depending on how these set a precedent for your colour scheme, this may very well enhance your bathroom spaces better than any additional source of natural light possible can.

DAMCO Kitchens Are Your Local Experts if A Bathroom Remodelling is On the Cards

There are a thousand and one things you could easily begin to consider for your next bathroom remodelling job, but only a few names you’d be able to trust to get the job done exactly the way you envisioned. If colour themes for your bathroom are an unanswered question, do not hesitate to call us for an obligation-free consultation today on 03 9855 2310.