Bathroom Renovations

3 Colour and Tile Selection Tips to Liven Up Your Bathroom

If you’re going through the exciting stages of planning a bathroom remodeling for a newly-built home, congratulations! Few moments are as memorable as the day you walk through your brand new residence and imagine the many enhancements you can make to the interior design of your new home. Of course, picking out the trimmings and fittings throughout your home will be a highlight for any new home owner, but when it comes to material selection for your new bathroom, is it more than just a matter of picking out sturdy, pretty tiles that don’t cost an arm and a leg, whilst being able to withstand wear for the longest possible time?

As professional bathroom interior designers, we at Damco Kitchens would certainly say that there’s so much more to consider when it comes to piecing together your new home bathroom. Whenever we work with our clients to help them achieve their dream bathroom layout, we often focus on guiding their remodel.

ing project through an understanding of colour and overall interior theme as well as maximising the functionality of the space available. A lot can be said about the way tile and material selection could help you present a livelier bathroom. Let’s jump in and consider three tips to keep in mind, if you’ve been thinking about getting our help with a coming bathroom renovation.

1. Consider Using a Contrasting Theme

Think about the ‘user experience’, when it comes to entering your bathroom. Do your hallways present a noticeable theme? How can you use your bathroom tile selection to create a distinguishing sense of calm or presence, upon the moment one enters this space? Take for example, a hallway paved with wood panel floors. It could help to create a noticeable contrast upon entering your bathroom spaces, to have your bathroom floor tiles in a mosaic or pastel colourway. Not only will this help to present an immediate sense of contrast between the spaces of your home, but also help you set a warm, lively theme within your bathroom space.

2. Think About How Your Tiles Match Up With Other Fittings

If you’ve already chosen your cabinetry and sink packs, it might help for you to select tiles that merge well with any existing theme presented by your other bathroom fittings. For instance, granite surfaces and concrete-look tiles could easily highlight an industrial theme, especially if you’ve chosen cabinetry that presents brass or metallic trimming. It’s often easy to work with an evident interior theme, but if you feel your bathroom fittings present a more generic visual appearance, you could always opt for tiles that present their own unique visual appearance, such as is the case with marble-look tiles.

3. A Bit of Surprise and Excitement Is Always Welcome

Unexpected elements can often add a zesty touch to your interior styling. This is often the case when it comes to selecting a feature or focal point within your bathroom. For example, using a bright or patterned tile for your shower splashback. This then turns your shower area into a feature wall of sorts, and an area of focus within your bathroom. Our interior stylists are always pleased to help our clients explore and express their creativity in such instances.

Damco Kitchens is Always Ready to Help You Create Dream Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re playing it safe or are feeling adventurous when it comes to redesigning your bathroom in Melbourne, our team of interior designers would be more than happy to assist. Simply give us a call on 03 9855 2310 to explore the options we would recommend, if you’ve been planning a bathroom makeover among your coming projects.