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2022’s Biggest Kitchen Trends

2022 is on the horizon and if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen for the new year you’ll want to look into 2022’s predicted trends. Some popular trends to look out for are explosions of colour, closed off kitchens, and specific personalisation. Damco Kitchens are experts in kitchen renovations Melbourne, and can help you create a trendy kitchen. Let’s look into some aspects.

Colour, Colour, Colour

Tired of being restricted to a white kitchen? 2022 is the year for you then! Renovators are now opting for bold, bright colours throughout their kitchens to make a more powerful statement. Be unexpected and choose colours you wouldn’t normally think to put together and see how you feel. Choose a bold hue for your cabinets, choose a stone benchtop with colourful veining, choose a bright backsplash, choose bright appliances, paint the window frames, the options are endless! The rule book has been thrown out, so let your imagination run wild! Choose some statement colour pieces and keep the rest of the kitchen neutral, or choose a colour and use different shades, or nothing’s stopping you from creating a rainbow kitchen if you dare! 2022’s top colour is set to be green, with multiple paint companies choosing almost the same shade for their 2022 colour of the year.

Closed Off Kitchens

After years of open plan living being the number one, closed off kitchens as their own room are making a comeback. With many returning to the office, or with flexible work arrangements, spending time away from screens is important. Having a separate kitchen is a great place to escape the 24-hour news cycle and bombardment from social media. Use it as a place to disconnect from the outside world’s mayhem and focus on spending time cooking your favourite recipe or spending time with family. Separating the kitchen makes the space feel special and more intimate.

Another popular option is to partially close off the kitchen with a glass partition. A partition can split the space without compromising on light. It creates the illusion of space without having a fully open plan and adds architectural interest.

Focus On Your Personal Aesthetic

Now is the time to put your own personal stamp on your kitchen design! Maximalism and reflecting one’s aesthetic is all the rage now. Surrounding yourself with your favourite colours, textures, pieces, and showcasing your heirlooms and collections has found its way to the kitchen and makes the space feel like the heart of the home. Personality is being showcased in open shelving, cabinetry, and statement splashbacks.


Faucets and sinks are now available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, with metallics leading the way. Gold finishing in particular is a trend on the rise. The aesthetics of the sink area have become much more important with the colour, shape, material, and size being heavily influenced by the look of the rest of the room.

There’s many more trends on the rise in 2022 from mixing materials to making a statement with stone to glazed tiled splashbacks, there’s something for every kitchen renovation, Melbourne!

Damco Kitchens Can Help You Stay Up To Date On The Latest Kitchen Trends

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