Bathroom Layouts

One Wall
With fixtures set out along one wall, this layout is suited to a long, narrow room.
3-Way Bathroom
With this layout, in one room a shower and bathtub are situated, the toilet in another and Vanity in between called “Foyer Area” which is used to access both the area. This layout is perfect for a family where there are multiple users at a time in the bathroom. However, you will need a large area for such type of layout. There are no strict rules in this layout.
In a Galley Style bathroom, fixtures are on opposite walls. Generally, bathtub and toilet are on one side, while vanity, Shower and Storage on other. This type of layout suits where two entries are required (Like two-way bathroom/ensuite). The minimum recommended width of the walkway in galley style bathroom is 900mm.
The L-Shape layout generally has either bathtub or vanity along the end wall, with all the other remaining fixtures on the adjacent wall. This type of layout can reduce the cost of plumbing as water supply and waste can be located together.
Island can be used along with any other previous layouts. Bathroom islands feature a free-standing fixture like a bathtub or vanity in middle of the room. Provided the minimum clearances are maintained which is only possible in a very spacious room. This concept can be used as bath treated as a feature or sculpture and is sometimes integrated into a bedroom.
Depending on the location of the house there might be the opportunity to integrate bathroom with external elements like gardens and courtyard. In a home with a pool or close to beach it can be seen as a resort quality, high end bathroom.
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